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Monday, April 14, 2014

My 1st Avon Vendor Event

I did my first vendor event April 5th. I now have learned some better ways to display my products and ways to get more people to my table. One thing I will do next time and post it is to get boxes and fabric and have the products at different eye levels. I also will have a game wheel for guests to spin and win a prize most likely it will be a sample and a coupon or a gift certificate.
  For my first event I couldn't find a black or hot pink tablecloth so I bought a purple one from Dollar Tree. I also bought the yard sale price stickers to put on my products. I always put my contact info on all my products. I had old brochures out for people to grab. I had the products had for sell displayed on my table. I did order me a carnival game wheel from Oriental Trading. Next month I will buy the Plinko like game from Oriental Trading.

Teal Spring Look

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Face Chart Practice

These are a few face charts I have did over the last few days. I am still learning how to do these. They are a lot of fun for me. I love how creative I can be with face charts. These also help when I want to try a look before actually applying the makeup on myself or a client. I would love any advise on shading the face and doing the eyes on paper. Any other suggestions to bring more dimension to the face chart. Please comment below if you have any tips you would like to share. Thank you and don't forget if you are in Atlanta you can book an appointment with me Swtcndy's Beauty.

 Half Skull Half Pin Up 
Colorful look
Neutral eyes with a sunset ombre' lip
Teal Look
Barbie Look
Spring Look

Friday, March 28, 2014

MAC Quality Lipsticks

These are Black Radiance lipsticks that are great lipsticks for ladies on a budget. I love MAC lipsticks too but these are very pigmented and affordable.
 They are creamy lipsticks and they last about a few hours before reapplying.
The shades I have in them are 5004 Purple Passion, 5008A Cherry Pie, 5014 Reggae Red, 5112 African Violet, 5031 Red Shimmer, 5032 Glazed Beige and 5042A Panther.
These colors are worth the $2 at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid.
I would recommend these lipsticks because you get very smooth creamy lipstick that is very pigmented.
My personal favorites are Purple Passion, Cherry Pie and African violet.

Milani Eye Shadow Primer

I recently purchased the Milani Eye shadow primer at Walmart. It really helps your eyeshadow pop and lasts all day. You have to let it dry for 30 seconds. Then you can apply your eye shadow base or eyeshadow. It was under $6 and work just as good as Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Black Radience Gift Set

  I purchased this Black Riadience gifft set from Family Dollar for $3.00. Included in the gift set were two lip lipners, two lipsticks and two eyeshadow duos. The lip liners are in the shades CA6548 and CA6549. CA6548 is a rose shade and CA6549 is a dark red or reed wine shade. The lipliners glide on smooth and they are retractable so there is no need to sharpen them.

The lipsticks are in the shades 5031 Red Shimmer and 5032 Glazed Beige. The lipsticks are really smooth and creamy. They are very beautiful colors.

The two eyeshadow duos are in the shades 8725 Ebony/Ivory and 8730 Heaven/Earth. Heaven/Earth duo are both shimmer eyeshadows and they are a brown and a taupe color. They are very smooth and very pigmented. I was surprised by how pigmented they are. I will be getting more eyshadows from  Black Radience. Ebony/Ivory is a shimmer black and white eyeshadow. It also is very pigmented and very smooth.


                                                                 Glazed Beige 5032

                                                                Red Shimmer 5031

                                                              Heaven/Earth 8730

                                                                Ebony/Ivory 8725